Reluctant Hero-Rebel Leader-Teacher-Mentor

I come from a long strand of Law Enforcement DNA.

My father was a cop. Then became a top rated Private Investigator.

My mother worked for the Sheriff's Office. Then became Head of Internal Security at the MGM Grand.

One of my sisters is the head of a Parole Division in Portland, Ore.

The other is married to a former Arizona State Trooper now in charge of all their Taser training.

So walking, talking and acting like an authoritarian figure comes very naturally to me.

I regularly play Bureau Chiefs, District Attorneys, SWAT Team Leaders, FBI, DEA, NSA, MIB, etc.

Then there's the other side.

The guy these people know and interact with all too well.

The Career Criminal. The Con Artist. The Hitman. The Muscle.

And the newest breed of white collar mastermind, the Evil CEO.

You know, the kinds of guys you hope your sister never dates, much less marries...

I'm not really that guy, but I play one very convincingly. 

I'll bring talent, passion, experience and humor to the set.

We'll both have a fantastic time working together, again and again.

You have my word on it.